Attention! Help Protect Against A Very Real Health Problem No One is Talking About
Here's the Big Question...
Are Your Blood Vessels Healthy, Strong and Resilient...or Unhealthy and Weak?
  If You Have Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins, Bruise Easily or
Have Other Blood Vessel Related Issues ... Please Read On.
What You’re About to Learn May Be a Missing Link in Helping to
Safeguard People's Health and Extend Lives...
The Following Information is About a Big Red Elephant
in the Room—Blood Vessel Weakness.
A Tragedy in the Making...
I remember the day my worst nightmare happened: finding my mother dead on the floor of her home on Christmas eve.
Despite my 30-year history as a successful health and nutrition coach—working with people from A-list actors and professional athletes to AIDs and cancer patients—I couldn’t prevent it, even though I’d tried.

You see, years prior to her death, I’d given my mother information that I believe might have helped extend her life. But she didn’t seriously apply it.

The cause of my mother's death was a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)—which I believe was caused by blood vessel weakness. She died within minutes.

Based on my decades of research, results and feedback from people I've worked with...

I believe she might have lived by following a simple but powerful nutrition program I developed to help strengthen the body's blood vessels and, interestingly, also reduce bruising and hemorrhoids.

Sadly, my grandfather died too of a ruptured aneurysm—essentially a weak blood vessel that  ruptured in his brain—before I discovered what I’m about to share with you.

That’s why I want to get this information out today—in hopes it will help people who are bruising easily or have hemorrhoids, varicose veins and other common vascular issues to get relief...

...AND potentially avoid what my mother, grandfather, and so many others have experienced.

Now, You May Be Wondering...What Do
Deadly Aneurysms Have to Do with Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins or Bruising Easily?
More Than You May Think.
First, the Sad, Hard Facts.
Weak Blood Vessels That Rupture Can End Lives Regardless of Age, Physical Condition or Ethnicity
47,000 People Die Every Year From Blood Vessel Ruptures
Cam'ron Matthews - Texas football player, died of a ruptured brain aneurysm at age 16.
Konrad Reuland - Baltimore Ravens tight end, died from a cerebral hemorrhage at age 29.
Laura Branigan - 80's pop singer, died of a cerebral aneurysm at age 52.
John Ritter -  actor of Three's Company fame, died of an aortic aneurysm at age 54.
Conway Twitty - country music singer, died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm at age 59.
Franklin D. Roosevelt - U.S. President, died from a massive cerebral hemorrhage at age 63.
George C. Scott - actor, died from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm at age 71.
Albert Einstein - physicist, died from a repaired aortic aneurysm at age 76.
Ruptured Blood Vessels Tragically
Took the Lives of 3 of My Loved Ones Too.
My mother, who died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, possibly due to weak blood vessels
M​y mother died of a ruptured
abdominal aortic aneurysm.
My father, who may have died of an aortic dissection due to weak blood vessels
It is believed my father died
from an aortic dissection.
My grandfather, who died of a brain aneurysm, possibly due to weak blood vessels
M​y grandfather died of a
ruptured brain aneurysm.
If Caught In Time Though—Some People Can Survive
Danny Farquhar - White Sox pitcher, age 31, survived a ruptured aneurysm during a game.
Quincy Jones - music producer, age 41, suffered a nearly fatal ruptured brain aneurysm.
Sharon Stone - actress, age 43, suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and survived.
Bret Michaels - lead singer of Poison, age 47, survived a brain hemorrhage from an aneurysm.
Neil Young - singer, age 54, had an un-ruptured aneurysm that was repaired, but started hemorrhaging from his femoral artery days later. Fortunately, he survived.
Emilia Clarke - actress, age 32, suffered two brain aneurysms while filming Game of Thrones

Now the Good News!
Having Strong Blood Vessels Could Be a Critical Key
to Preventing Vascular Issues from Hemorrhoids and Easy Bruising to Life-Threatening Ruptures—and I Developed a Powerful Program to Support This.
So again, you may be wondering...

How are hemorrhoids, varicose veins and bruising easily related to life-threatening aneurysms, hemorrhagic (bleed) strokes and aortic rupture? Do they share a common cause?

The answer is complicated and uncertain as there may be many factors involved. However...
I believe a common, underlying factor exists among all these conditions: blood vessel weakness.
Weak Blood Vessels May Be at the Root Cause of
Millions of Health Problems Each Year in the U.S. Alone...and No One Seems to Be Talking About It...

Blood-vessel weakness appears to be one of the most overlooked and under-examined health risks. It may relate to a host of health issues—from bleeding gums, varicose veins, spider veins and painful and annoying hemorrhoids, to venous insufficiency, serious blood vessel ruptures and more.

Weak blood vessels may also be a key factor in the sudden rupturing of aneurysms (a weak, ballooned blood vessel) which can often be life-ending. They may also contribute to certain types of strokes (hemorrhagic), dissected (torn) arteries and heart attacks.

Weak blood vessels can be hereditary, or caused by poor diet, obesity, nutritional deficiency, poor physical condition, continuous elevated blood pressure, overuse of certain medications, alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use, or advanced age.

Considering how many people have hemorrhoids and varicose veins or are bruising easily, it seems that weak blood vessels are incredibly common these days. Yet no one is talking about it—let alone what can be done to resolve it.

The good news is that blood vessels can be strengthened—and I’m going to share what I've learned about how nutrition and lifestyle changes may help us do just that.
How It All Started.
"It All Started With a Trucker Who Had Hemorrhoids."
Introducing the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program by Super Health Coach, Paul Thomas
One day early in my career, when I was working in a popular Los Angeles health food store, I met a truck driver who was looking for a certain nutrient. He swore it helped him heal hemorrhoids, which are common in people who sit for long stretches of time. I was surprised I'd never heard of it.

What I learned from him that day led me to research and discover a range of nutrients and food sources related to blood vessel health.

According to studies in Europe that have been going on for many years, these nutrients may help reduce and prevent not only hemorrhoids, but also bruising—including the blood bruises older people get—varicose veins, spider veins and more.
Some of the Signs of Weak Blood Vessels
Blood bruises, bruising easily, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, venous valve issues, hemorrhoids, spider veins
In fact, I told one of my customers about a specific combination of these nutrients to help his wife stop easily bruising all over her body.

Just a month later, I was shocked when he came back to the store and gave me an expensive tennis bag as a surprise gift.
“My Wife’s Bruises Are Totally Gone!” he smiled. “The Nutrients You Told Me About Really Helped!”
I was fascinated by this and started researching even more about blood vessel health. I discovered that we each have a massive network of blood vessels all over our entire body—60,000+ miles worth!

And it dawned on me that weakness in blood vessels in one area of the body might indicate weakness in another.

In other words...
Hemorrhoids and Bruising Easily—Which According to Research Are Caused Partly By Weak Blood Vessels—May Also Indicate Blood Vessel Weakness in Other Vital Parts of the Body, Such as the Abdomen, Heart and Brain.
Put another way, blood vessel weakness could potentially contribute or lead to serious issues like heart problems, aortic dissections or tears, hemorrhagic stroke, or the ruptured aneurysms that so many people have died from.

Now, I’m not a doctor, nor do I give medical advice as the disclaimer on this website clearly states. Nor do I make any claims about my program curing anything. 

However, I do have 30+ years of experience as a health and nutrition consultant and coach, and have helped people of all walks of life—from celebrities to pro bono clients—change their overall health for the better.

I consider my most important achievement to be the nutrition-based program I’ve developed to help strengthen blood vessels, which has produced very positive results according to my clients, friends and family members.

Why? Because our blood vessels are arguably the most important component of our bodies. And it follows that the stronger and healthier they are, the stronger and healthier we may be, too.
How Weak Blood Vessels Happen
So, What Exactly are Weak Blood Vessels?
And What are the Real Risks if You Have Them?
Blood vessels are what I call the body’s "roadways of life" that allow blood to flow freely and efficiently from the heart to every area of the body and back again. The inside wall of the vessel is very thin in the case of capillaries and very thick in the case of arteries.

Blood vessels are supposed to be strong and elastic like rubber bands capable of expanding and contracting easily to handle the blood pressure and blood volume constantly generated by the heart. The big vessels called arteries must maintain a garden hose like strength capable of handling the constant high pressure exerted on them.

But when blood vessels lose their strength and elasticity they become stiff, brittle, weak and—most dangerously—highly susceptible to ballooning (aneurysm), leakage, breakage or rupture.

In short...

Weak Blood Vessels are Blood Vessels Whose Walls Have Become Weakened, Thin, Frail
and Inelastic—Leading to the Possibility of a
Life-Altering Breakage or Rupture.
In fact, every 18 minutes in
the U.S. alone a brain aneurysm ruptures, tragically leaving someone dead, crippled or fighting for their life. And worldwide, every 63 seconds a brain aneurysm ends someone's life—and half of the victims are younger than 50.
Illustrating brain hemorrhage, weak vessel rupture and aneurysm relating to hemorrhagic stroke and brain aneurysm causes
If weakened blood vessels are left unaddressed, the damage to the blood vessel walls may often  progress throughout the entire vascular system—potentially putting the person at greater risk of blood vessel breakage, leakage or rupture at some point.

The blood vessels eventually become like time bombs waiting to blow at a given weak spot—usually in the brain, thoracic or abdominal area (aorta) where there is the most pressure on the larger vessel walls.

This weakness of the blood vessel walls may be a key to what causes hemorrhoids, varicose veins, bruising easily and other vascular issues—as well as life-threatening conditions such as hemorrhagic (bleed) stroke, aneurysm or even heart attack from aortic vessel tear (dissection) or rupture.
In the U.S., Weak Blood Vessels May Be a Major Contributor to a Staggering Number of Ongoing Health Problems Each Year.
120 million people suffer with hemorrhoids
60 million people have varicose veins
25 million people have symptoms of venous insufficiency
700,000 people suffer a stroke100,000 due to blood vessel rupture
30,000 people suffer a brain aneurysm rupture or abdominal aortic rupture with a 40% fatality rate
A red elephant graphic illustrates that blood vessel weakness may be a silent epidemic.
In the U.S. approximately 47,000 people die every year from all types of aortic disorders; that's more than from breast cancer, AIDS, homicides, or motor vehicle accidents. With these kinds of numbers, blood vessel weakness may well be a silent epidemic.
The Big Question: What Can Be Done to Deal With this Elephant in the Room?
I Believe Something BIG...
How It Saved My Life.
The 7-Week Program for Strengthening Blood Vessels
is Simple and Easy to Follow—and You Can Start Now!
The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program Consists of My Carefully Designed Regimen of Nutritional, Diet, and Lifestyle Tips—and Exactly How to Implement Them for Maximum Benefits.
This program and the specially curated group of nutrients at its core are based on my 30+ years of research, coaching work, client feedback—and most importantly, on the positive results reported by those I've worked with.

In fact, because the feedback on this program has been so positive over the years...I turned it into an affordable digital product so I could serve a lot more people who may need it.
Needless to say, you won't find this specific collection of vital health knowledge and wisdom anywhere else—not on the Internet, and not at your local library, doctor's office, naturopath's office or health food store.
Using the Tips Outlined in the Program, Some
People Have Seen Severe Hemorrhoids Disappear or Stopped Bruising Easily Within Weeks.
Many report experiencing increased energy and overall improvement in their health also. 

In fact…

I Was Only Two Months into Implementing
My Own Blood Vessel Strengthening Program When I Was in a Serious Car Accident.
I broke or dislocated six of my ribs when my chest crushed and bent the steering wheel of my VW Bug, broke my wrist, arm and knee, and also had a severe concussion from hitting the windshield.

I’ll never forget waiting in the ER for treatment after the accident and hearing two attending doctors sounding baffled as they talked about the fact that…
Despite My Severe Soft Tissue Injuries, I Showed No Signs of Bruising Anywhere on My Body.
Before that years cycling season, I had decided to experiment with the nutrients I now use in the program to see if they would help prevent my usual "training soreness" by nourishing my tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. To my great surprise my blood vessels were strengthened too.
As a Result, I Have No Doubt that Having
Strong Blood Vessels Saved My Life that Day.
And I believe that my program may be one of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve greater vascular health and strength. But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself...
By Following this Program...
You’ll Have an Arsenal of Knowledge, Tools and Resources to Help You Get on the Path to Stronger, Healthier Blood Vessels.
Imagine how much stronger and at ease you’d feel if you were able to reduce or even eliminate embarrassing bruises and varicose veins, and annoying, painful hemorrhoids.

Imagine the peace of mind you’d have and that your loved ones would have knowing you were potentially guarding against much more serious problems like a ruptured brain aneurysm, hemorrhagic stroke or aortic dissection.
The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program
is a Way to Help Build Stronger Blood Vessels and
Overall Better Health—and It’s the
Only Program of Its Kind on the Market Today.
No other health professional that I'm aware of—medical doctor, health coach, nutrition expert or otherwise—offers anything close to this program, if they even address blood vessel health and strength (or weakness) at all.

Based on the results my clients, friends, family members and I have seen, I believe it’s a highly effective way to help vastly improve hemorrhoids, bruising and other common vascular issues...

And potentially restore strength, elasticity and health to the entire vascular system.
Benefits of the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program
Here’s What You Can Learn and Apply from Using The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program.
Illustration of major arteries that may be strengthened to help prevent abdominal aortic aneurysm and more
1. Receive step-by-step guidance and coaching through my detailed, 7-Week program to help strengthen blood vessels and overall health—so you'll know exactly what to do and when.
2. ​​​Learn which 7 powerful nutrients are known to help build blood vessel health and strength in the arteries, capillaries and veins—
which can help to reduce, eliminate or prevent common vascular issues.
Learn the core "super nutrients" in the program, handpicked from decades of research and my coaching work—you won't find this anywhere else. 
Some key nutrients that may help promote healthy, strong blood vessels
A smiling mother and daughter depict good health that may result from having strong blood vessels.
3. Understand ​how ​blood ​vessels simply ​function and why ​their overall health, ​strength, and ​elasticity are ​critical to ​living a ​healthy, strong and extended ​life.​
4. Discover the common yet unhealthy foods and substances that may contribute to weak blood vessels—and why I believe you should never put these in your body if you want to live a healthy, sick-free life.
A warning sign spells out hazardous food and substances which relates to weak blood vessels.
Healthy fruits may help strengthen blood vessels and stop hemorrhoid pain, varicose veins and bruising easily.
5. Find out which powerful foods may help nourish and build blood vessel wall strength and elasticity, reduce inflammation, and boost overall health. You are what you eat!
6. Discover 3 powerful teas that may help nourish and strengthen blood vessel walls along with relaxing them to help keep the body's blood pressure in healthy range.
Certain teas may help strengthen and relax blood vessels to promote healthy blood pressure.
Illustration of font script that says “you are amazing”
7. And as an added benefit, open your mind and heart to a greater understanding and appreciation for your amazing body and how to care for it in the best ways.
7-Week Program Praise
What People Are Saying About the Program.
A Near-Fatal Abdominal Aneurysm Led Her to
Discover She Had a Connective Tissue Disorder—
and to Start Strengthening Her Blood Vessels.
“Essentially the Dieulafoy Lesion I had was an abdominal aneurysm. It ruptured on my duodenum and after four days of internal bleeding I finally got to the hospital. I could have so easily been a statistic. Last year, finding out I had the gene mutation for a connective tissue disorder explained that and other issues I’ve had over my lifetime. So strengthening my blood vessels is essential.

Since following the recommendations in your program, symptoms of my connective tissue disorder have been significantly reduced. I’ve felt more energized, can sustain my workouts longer, and am less sore afterwards.”—K., California

“On My Way to Being Hemorrhoid Free…”
“I am doing great. I was hemorrhoid free for a long period approximately 3-4 weeks after starting. I had taken the nutrients twice a day initially but often missed the evening dose until I got to the point of not doing the evening at all. The one vessel that was swollen that could be seen on the outside shrunk up and is no longer visible. It is basically gone so I figured once a day of the nutrients was good enough.

I did have one issue about 7-10 days ago where I was a little constipated...I decided to go back to twice daily on all the nutrients…and have since had no more signs of a hemorrhoid.” —C. California

After 20 Years of Hemorrhoids...Help Arrives.
“[My dad] has had [hemorrhoids] for a very long time. Probably 20 years and yes they bleed. I did give him the list of [nutrients]...he has been taking them and they have really helped him! My dad's response: 'They have helped improve things pretty good.'" —M., Florida

“It’s So Important to Get this Information Out to People.”
“This is amazing information [the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program] that really hasn’t been put out there yet. It’s written in a very concise and clear way...It’s easy for a lay person to understand, and the flow of the information keeps the reader wanting to learn more. Even the format is eye catching and grabs your interest from the start. You can see how much work and thought has been put into it.

It’s so important to get this information out to people.”K., California

Noticeable Shrinkage of Hemorrhoids
“I talked to [my sister] yesterday...she said she has noticeable shrinkage and tightening of the hemorrhoids. Overall she feels like she is on the right track." —C., California
It's Decision Time.
Now It’s Your Turn to See What Blood Vessel Strengthening Might Do for Your Life.
The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program is conveniently delivered in a beautifully designed, easy-to-read 227-page PDF, as well as through weekly coaching emails sent by me for the duration of the program. You can download the PDF today and receive your first coaching email in a few days.

It's my heartfelt commitment to guide and inspire you week-by-week, step-by-step through this simple yet powerful program.

And it's my strong belief that by committing to your health and applying what you learn, you'll have a real chance at increasing your blood vessel health so that your symptoms of blood vessel weakness may diminish, and your overall health and well-being may increase.
This program may be for you if you or a loved one:
•  Have ever dealt with hemorrhoid pain, bruising easily, bleeding gums, varicose veins, spider veins or other vascular issues, and want to do something about it

•  Have been a smoker or regularly consumed alcohol and other potentially health-damaging substances, and want to use diet and nutrition to help your body repair

•  Are concerned about a potential aneurysm, blood vessel rupture, heart attack or stroke (especially if someone in your family has had one) and want to help guard against this

•  Are simply looking for a powerful way to get stronger and healthier, give your body and blood vessels a tune-up, and take your overall wellness to the next level

Here's What You Get Starting Today!
A One-of-a-Kind Nutrition Plan Designed to Help Build Blood Vessel Strength and Overall Health
Cover Image of The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program: A Guide to Healthy Blood Vessels
The 7-Week
Blood Vessel Strengthening  Program
Learn What You Can Do to Help:
• Develop strong, healthy blood vessels, increased energy and overall strength throughout the body
• Reduce, eliminate or prevent easy bruising, blood bruises, hemorrhoids, varicose veins,
spider veins and bleeding gums
AND potentially guard against life-threatening aneurysms, aortic dissection, blood vessel ruptures, and hemorrhagic stroke
This May Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do for Your Body, Health and Overall Peace of Mind.
And You'll Get Email Coaching from Me Each Week for the Duration of the 7-Week Program
I'm sincerely looking forward to connecting with you via email during the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program and beyond to help you get the maximum benefit for your blood vessels and your body.
Each Week You'll Receive:
• Expert guidance, motivation and inspiration in applying and sticking
with the program to completion
My Super Health diet, nutrition and exercise tips to complement the core program and help you take your health
and well-being to the next level
And more!
Paul Thomas, creator of The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program: A Guide to Healthy Blood Vessels
Paul Thomas, Super Health Coach
You'll Also Get These Special Bonus eBooks,  Program Updates and More When You Order Now
Bonus #1
Free Ebook (pdf) - a 14.95 Value
Learn Critical Information About the Most Popular Vitamins and Nutrients and How to Maximize Their Benefits.
Bonus #1, How to Get the Most Out of Your Vitamins and Maximize Their Benefit
Bonus #2
Free Ebook (pdf) - a 14.95 Value
If You've Ever Had Hemorrhoids or Know Anyone Who Has, Use this Guide
  as an Invaluable Source of Care Tips.
Bonus #2, Hemorrhoid Urgent Care Guide: 24 Tips for Hemorrhoid Pain Relief and Prevention
Bonus #3
Receive Future Updates to the
7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program at No Charge
It's my commitment to you to continue researching and learning about blood vessel health and to enhance
the program accordingly.

Whenever I discover something new and significant, I'll update the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program and email you a link to download the latest version at no extra charge.
Bonus #3, future updates to the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program
Bonus #4, Surprise Super Health Tips Posters
Bonus #4
Enjoy 7 Surprise, Printable Super Health Posters Delivered Each Week as Part of Your Weekly Coaching - a 125.00 Value
I've put together a series of digital posters for you to download, print, and perhaps hang on your fridge or mirror.

These posters are part of the weekly coaching emails you'll be receiving from me—all you have to do is click on the
link in the email to download.
What's It Worth to Be Healthy?
The Value of the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program is Easily Worth $2,500—What it Would Cost if We Were to Work Together Personally Over 7 Weeks
Actually, I know health coaches who would charge considerably more than that for this program. And it makes sense.

Would it be worth $2,500 to improve or avoid painful, annoying hemorrhoids or embarrassing bruising and varicose veins for good?

Would $2,500 be a fair cost to potentially spare your loved ones the pain of you having a ruptured aneurysm or hemorrhagic stroke?

Would you pay $2,500 for a chance to have overall stronger health, improved energy and a potentially longer life?

At one point I considered turning this into an online video course and charging $499 for it.

But I realize that price would still be well out of reach for many people—and besides, course completion rates are dismally low.

And my goal isn’t to make money off an online course that few people complete—my goal is to help as many people as I can get healthier and stronger, and live longer, better lives.
That’s Why When You Order the 7-Week
Blood Vessel Strengthening Program Today...
You’ll Pay Only $97 One Time.
So, think about it...for just $97 you'll get the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening program plus 7 weeks of expert guidance and coaching that can help you increase your health for years to come. And you have this timeless health program for life! You'll be able to use this extremely valuable information for the rest of your life.
However, I don’t plan to include the weekly coaching for much longer. So if you want to lock in this great one-time offer with me as your coach, you’ll need to act now. You really have nothing to lose!
Cover Image of The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program: A Guide to Healthy Blood Vessels
Start The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program Today
Developing Strong, Healthy Blood Vessels May Help Reduce, Eliminate or Prevent Easy Bruising, Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins and More—AND Help Guard Against Life-Threatening Aneurysms, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Aortic Dissection and More...and for Only $97 You Can Get Started Today. This May Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do for Your Body and Health.
Order button for The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program: A Guide to Healthy Blood Vessels
It Comes Down to One Simple Question:
Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health?
No one wants to live with embarrassing bruises or painful hemorrhoids. No one wants to show legs covered with varicose veins or spider veins.

But more importantly, no one wants to experience a debilitating ruptured aneurysm, hemorrhagic stroke, or aortic dissection—all potentially due in part to weak blood vessels…

Especially when there was something they could have done that might have prevented it.

If you want to take greater control of your health, and potentially reduce and prevent painful conditions caused by weak blood vessels, I’m ready to help you do just that.
Addressing the Root Cause is the Key to
Effective, Long-Lasting Healing for the Body.
There is a root cause for everything that happens in life. Unfortunately, when it comes to our bodies, we’re not taught to search for the root causes when things go wrong. We’re instead taught to apply patches to the symptoms, leaving the root causes hidden and, therefore, unable to be healed.

As long as the root causes of our bodies' problems remain unidentified and unaddressed, true healing cannot take place. I believe I've identified blood vessel weakness as one such root cause—now I'd like to help you address it.

I’m committed to shining a light on this particular issue that is hardly ever talked about—blood vessel weakness—because I believe it directly impacted my life with the loss of my mother, father and grandfather.

I hope this work of addressing blood vessel weakness—an apparent root cause of so many health conditions and ailments—helps prevent similar needless tragedies.

Remember, your blood vessels are one of the most important components of your body’s health. Just like it’s important to take care of your teeth, get proper sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise, it’s also critical to take the very best care of your blood vessels possible.

If you do, you'll know you've given your best effort to never having a blood-vessel-related issue as your life progresses.

Think About It: Can Anyone Really Afford
to Have Weak Blood Vessels?
If for some reason you’re still on the fence about whether to make this small yet crucial investment in your health, ask yourself:

• What do I risk by not doing everything in my power to ensure that my blood vessels are the strongest and healthiest they can be?

Do I risk having a potentially fatal ruptured aneurysm at some point in my life?

• Do I risk a blood vessel rupture or dissection?

Do I risk being unable to do everything I love in life because I'm no longer physically capable?

• Do I risk not seeing my kids grow up?
Do I risk being in pain and suffering?

• Do I risk becoming disabled by a blood vessel rupture or stroke?

Do I risk not living as long as I might?

• Do I risk causing my loved ones grief?

Do I risk losing a loved one who may also be at risk right now by not sharing this information?

• Do I risk using my life savings to pay for costly medical bills?

Do I risk my very life itself?

Nothing Happens by Accident. In Fact,
You’re Here for a Really Good Reason.
It’s no mistake you’re on this page right now, because you are the captain of the ship called your body. You are the master of your life’s destiny. The choices you make today create your tomorrow.

So please don’t delay in making the choice to do something to potentially help strengthen your blood vessels and health today. Your body, your loved ones, your heart and your soul will thank you for it.

Cover Image of The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program: A Guide to Healthy Blood Vessels
Get On the 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program Today
Developing Strong, Healthy Blood Vessels May Help Reduce, Eliminate or Prevent Easy Bruising, Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins and More—AND Help Guard Against Life-Threatening Aneurysms, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Aortic Dissection and More...and for Only $$97 You Can Get Started Today. This May Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do for Your Body and Health.
Order button for The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program: A Guide to Healthy Blood Vessels
100%-Satisfaction, Risk-Free Guarantee for The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program
Rock-Solid, Risk-Free, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program is jam-packed with valuable information that I believe can be life-changing and therefore priceless. It took me decades to learn, test and implement and then work into a (digital) form that's easily delivered, understood and followed. All I ask in return is $97, which I believe is one of the best programs you could ever get when it comes to your health and wellness.

However, if for some reason you're not satisfied, or feel it's not for you, simply let me know within 30 days of purchase by emailing, and I will give you a full refund.

And as a gift to you—you get to keep the 2 bonus books, the Super Health posters, and whatever personal coaching emails you received. 

I do have one requirement: that you delete the digital (PDF) file of the program you downloaded and promise in writing via email that you've done this, and that you've neither retained nor shared any copies of the downloaded (PDF) file with anyone.

With that said, I hope instead, you will benefit greatly from the material and program, want to keep it,  and be on your way to an overall healthier and stronger vascular system and body. That would be my best gift from you!

A Little About Me
​Why ​I'm So Passionate about ​Health and Wellness and Why I Care So Much About Blood Vessel Strength
It Started ​With a ​Serious Life ​Challenge
Because I ate anything and everything as a kid, my childhood included the normal cases of flu, nasty yearly chest colds, pneumonia 3 times, a bout with scarlet fever and also asthma that lasted until I was 8.

Then, after suffering a near fatal take-down with typhoid fever while traveling in Europe in my 20's—losing 30 pounds and half my hair in 15 days with 5 days of 105 temperature—doctors told me my liver had been damaged and that my overall health would be compromised for life.

They also said that I would never be able to play competitive sports again and would have to settle for a mostly sedentary life. In other words, they described the opposite of how I'd lived up to that point.

Not accepting their limited ideas, my search for another way awakened me to self-healing, self-empowerment and a deep understanding of the human body's ability to balance and heal itself naturally...if just given the chance​ that we're all entitled to.

And so, in a nutshell, almost dying ended up changing my life for the better.
Paul Thomas, creator of The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program: A Guide to Healthy Blood Vessels
Creator of The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program
​Paul Thomas, ​Super Health Coach
Healing My Body Against All Odds
​In my efforts to self-heal, I started studying to become a nutrition consultant, body worker and massage therapist. I went on to prove the ​doctors wrong by healing myself totally through multiple fasts (45 days being the longest), a macrobiotic, raw food diet, and even a fruitarian diet for 8 months. I also incorporated a balanced exercise routine, focused herb and nutrient protocol, and perhaps most importantly, a mind shift around health and aging that led to my living basically free of sickness for most of my adult life.

I've ​devoted ​my life to holistic health and fitness, and it's been my passion to teach others how to be their own doctors and live strong and sick-free for 35+ years. ​That is what fulfills me in this life. It's why I do this.
Beating the Doctors' Wrong​​ Advice
and Competing at the Highest Levels
Due to my love of athletics, I defied the doctors' prognosis and took up the fun but physically challenging sport of professional road cycling, racing for 10 years training upwards of 10,000 miles each year.

When I wasn’t racing I worked as a nutrition and bodywork specialist for a professional cycling team that included Tour de France cyclist, Max Sciandri and U.S Pro Champion cyclist, Greg Oravetz, U.S. Mtn. Bike Champion, Todd DeAngelis and other pros.

"Paul was a top notch massage therapist and trainer for our team. Not sure how he made it through racing in Mexico being a hardcore vegetarian, but he did, and was a great asset to our team." —Greg Oravetz, U.S. Pro Champion

I also raced pro mountain bikes with the highlight of finishing 9th and 11th in two of the longest and toughest mountain bike races in the world (155mi and 185mi). After cycling faded, I changed gears and spent five years on the Pacific ocean racing 9-man outrigger canoes in Southern California where I was a nutrition mentor to some of the other pros, and was honored to be on an amazing 6-man team that won the famous Whitey Harrison Classic.​

As for those doctors that told me my life would be “compromised and limited”—thank you. I've been physically challenging my body in ways I never imagined possible, and haven’t been to a doctor in over 3​0 years. Thank you for pushing me to heal myself and help me see what I needed to see... that I was truly (as we all are) always my own doctor anyway.
A professional cycling race in a city
10 Years of Pro Bike Racing
A nine-man outrigger canoe race on the ocean
5 Years of Outrigger Canoe Racing
Some of the People I've Had the Honor
and Privilege of Working With
My study in nutrition, acupressure and bodywork eventually led to the starting of a private nutrition and fitness consulting practice in Los Angeles where I successfully worked with a clientele of people from all walks of life, including actors: Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Christopher Lloyd​, Carol Kane, director Barry Levinson​, the wife of the governor of Mexico, the President of Paramount Pictures, the ​Manager of Gucci’s Beverly Hills, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, a variety of professional athletes including NFL, business owners ​and many others.

My practice is also online where I work together with my wife Heather who is a certified Yoga teacher, as we reach and serve more people around the world and work to better their health and wellness on all levels.​
My Life's Passion is Health, Fitness & Longevity
My life's passion for the health of body, mind and spirit continues to grow each new day. I now realize it’s time to share everything I've learned over the years with as many people as possible.​

I want to help other people live the best possible, super healthy life they can by sharing with them what I've learned about caring for the body the right way—the way that keeps you from being sick throughout life.

That is what matters to me most, and that is why I'm doing this on this level now: to reach and teach as many people as possible how to live a strong, sick-free life.
3 Personal Tragedies ​​that ​​​​Inspired Me to Do this Work on Blood Vessel Health
My mother, father and grandfather should not have died the way they did. Weakened blood vessels (aneurysms) ruptured—and their lives ended quickly.  I believe that if their blood vessels been strong and healthy, there is no way they would have died the way they did.

That is me with my sweet Irish mother to the right. Sadly, she died suddenly of a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) just a couple of months after this photo was taken. I wish so much that she'd followed my program. It's the main reason I'm working to get this information out to as many people as I can—to help others understand the very real dangers of blood vessel weakness and take action.

That is also me with my wonderful ​father to the right.​ Sadly, he also died with symptoms of a ruptured artery (most likely a tear of the  aortic artery that caused massive bleeding)​ not long after this photo was taken. Again, I wish I he would have acted on the information I gave him. ​​I believe my father, who otherwise was in superb health, would still be here today.

Note: Both my parents lived good lives and took great care of themselves over the years. In the late 80's, they both went through a series of chelation treatments to clean out their arteries and blood vessels from a lifetime of plaque build-up—and it worked. The chelation saved them both from doctor-suggested surgical procedures to "strip" the bad varicose veins in my father's legs and replace a heart valve that was causing issues (sticking) in his main aorta,  and to clear out the dangerously clogged carotid arteries in my mother's neck. Thank you CHELATION!

But there was never any attention focused on blood vessel wall strength and health, so even though the vessels had been cleared out for the most part, I believe the wall strength remained weak and that is what eventually caused the ruptures and their subsequent deaths years later.
Paul Thomas with his mother, who died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm
My mother and I in San Clemente
Paul Thomas with his father, who may have died of an aortic dissection
My father and I in Dana Point, CA
My Partner in Health, Longevity, Energy Healing and Good Life Exploration
I currently live in the desert with my wife Heather and our master happiness mentor, Buckley (Shih-Tzu). Heather is a Reiki master, Yoga teacher and soon to be author.

We work on health related projects together hoping to positively affect the lives of ​the many people suffering with ​health (physical and mental) related issues. Our motto: "If we can help just one life be better, it's all worth it".

We also host a popular blog, Break Through To Super You. Come check us out and join our Super You Tribe! It's all about Finding Your Super You Within!

We both feel honored to be able to work together—healing ourselves and helping heal the planet one person, one heart, one body at a time.
Paul Thomas with his wife Heather Mandel
My wife, Heather and I
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us here on If you feel that The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program is right for you, we hope it helps change your health and your life in the best of ways.

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You never know whose life you may help and change.
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Start The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening
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Developing Strong, Healthy Blood Vessels May Help Reduce, Eliminate or Prevent Easy Bruising, Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins and More—AND Help Guard Against Life-Threatening Aneurysms, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Aortic Dissection and More...and for Only $$97 You Can Get Started Now. This May Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do for Your Body and Health.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Nutrients Really Expensive to Buy?
No, they are not. The nutrients in the program are actually all quite inexpensive to purchase; however, you may decide to take only a portion of them depending on your situation. While I do recommend undertaking the full program with all nutrients at least one time through for the best results, I've also included an effective Budget Plan that can cost less than $15 per month. Also, if you follow the program's diet and health guidelines, you'll likely choose to cut down on or eliminate certain foods and substances, and this can save you money as well.
Can I Share the Program With My Family and Friends?
While that sounds like a very generous thing to do and we love your intention, we ask that you only share the program with your immediate family. Please encourage everyone else to purchase the program from the sales page. That supports us to continue working hard to bring you awesome content, plus they will be on our list for future updates, new products, email coaching and more.
Will I Lose Weight On Your Program?
While the program was designed to mainly help strengthen blood vessels, there are many other healthy benefits of the program that can potentially support weight loss, increase energy, strengthen connective tissue, and better overall health.
Is the 7-Week Program Good for People of All Ages?
I believe The 7-Week Blood Vessel Strengthening Program is suitable for people over the age of 18. Nonetheless, always check with your doctor before starting any health, nutrition or exercise program.
Will this Program Cure My Hemorrhoids or Varicose Veins?
We never use the word "cure" because it is against FTC rules to make claims like that. It is also against FDA rules to use the word "cure" regarding anything they consider a disease. We make no claims about our product curing anything. Rather, we simply talk about the experiences we've had ourselves and that others have shared in testimonials.
Every inch of your 60,000+ miles of critically important blood vessels are magically connected to...
Image that says “your heart”
...and they are the pathways of life-supporting elements, so keep them strong and healthy always.
Give Yourself the Gift of Health
Start On The 7-Week Blood Vessel
Strengthening Program Today...
"Your body and blood vessels will love you for it."
-Super Health Coach, Paul Thomas
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